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Cam’ron’s Mother’s Day Card


With Mother’s Day coming up this weekend, Killa gets in on the greeting card action with a new card for mom dukes. The card features a classic pic of Cam and his mom throwing up the Set and the inside features the lyric “I argue with my mother spring, summer, fall, winter time” from “Real Niggaz”. I’m just mad that it’s probably too late for me to order one of these for my moms before Sunday.

He should really do a whole series of these next year. Here are a couple of other mom related lyrics he can use:

Nigga like me kept the coke in the cupboard,
mother found it, said “Cam I hope you get busted”
she got alotta nerve, probably coked up or dusted

Come on home wit me, where my mother found my crack platter
threw it away so I snapped at her, back slapped her
She picked up a bat, like McGwire for that matter
Hit me, I was back at her

Earth told me go to school, nah bitch go to work!

I’d cop all of those. Pick up your own Cam’ron Mother’s Day card here.

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