T.I. & Kap G Talk “La Policia (Remix)” on CNN

Tip and Kap G recently appeared on CNN to discuss their new “La Policia (Remix)”, which tackles the issue of state sanctioned murder of Black people by law enforcement in an unapolgetically aggressive manner. Unfortunatley, anchor Don Lemon, who is well-documented as a n-bomb and saggy pants shamer, served as the moderator. The conversation starts out relatively well but then it turns into a discussion about what Lemon describes as the song’s “inflammatory” lyrics. In Lemon’s mind, the use of profanity when speaking about law enforcement somehow translates to “go out and shoot cops”.

I guess that’s one interpretation. Another one could be that Black America is fed up and one way that anger manifests itself is through aggressive Rap music. At the end of the interview, the host brings up the fact that Tip and Kap G shout out “good” police officers at the end of the song. let me just say that this is a bullshit narrative that Black people in this country need to reject once and for all. I don’t care if you know a friendly police officer, or if your uncle is a cop or if a cop once let you out of a ticket. There is no such thing as a good cop in America in 2015.

If you’re such a “good cop”, then why aren’t you calling out the bad cops that you work with? What exactly is the standard for being a “good cop”? That you haven’t murdered anybody or planted evidence? Anybody in America who lives in a poor or largely minority neighborhood knows that police corruption and abuse of power are rampant. The incidents that have come to light in recent months because of cell phone videos and witness accounts literally happen every single day in every state. And every single day those so called “good cops” look the other way. Maybe when we stop acting as if we have to qualify every statement about police abuse with #NotAllCops disclaimers, law enforcement will start cleaning itself up.

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