Cam’ron Talks Snitching on The Nightly Show


Cam’s 2007 appearance on 60 Minutes is legendary among internet pundits for his now infamous assertion that he would not tell the police about a hypothetical serial killer living next door to him. Last night on The Nightly Show with Larry Wilmore, he appeared on a panel with comedian Chris Distefano and Newark Mayor Ras Baraka to revisit the topic of cooperation with law enforcement.

Watch below.

Killa came off looking far less callous then he did on 60 Minutes, but he maintained his position that he would not speak to the police under any circumstances, and even answered one of Wilmore’s hypotheticals with a classic Cam Face. Of course, Wilmore wasn’t asking absurd questions like the serial killer scenario proposed by Anderson Cooper, plus he did a far better job of framing the argument than Cooper ever could.

Back in 2007, I would go to great pains to explain to people with uninformed opinions about this shit that there’s a difference between a civilian cooperating with the police and somebody who is actively in the streets doing the same. There’s alot of grey area in this debate. Obviously if you’re a regular schmo and somebody harms someone in your family you’re going to want something done about it.

On the other hand you could be a regular citizen who sees something illegal that doesn’t concern you and you may choose to remain silent. All I know is, personally, it would have to be an extraordinary circumstance for your boy to cooperate with those terrorists, but that’s just me.

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