Kap G ft. T.I. & David Banner – La Policia (Remix)


T.I. and Banner join Kap G on a new remix of his 2014 track “La Policia”. I think Tip’s statement to FADER sums it up nicely:

“For decades there has been a fear and true resentment for the young minority’s presence in our country’s society. This has led to the consistent barrages of unlawful arrests, unwarranted profiling, and shameful assassinations of our OUR FATHERS, BROTHERS, COUSINS, UNCLES, GRANDFATHERS, SONS and in some cases, OUR DAUGHTERS, SISTERS, MOTHERS and GRANDMOTHERS (come on now??). The blatant disregard for the value of OUR PEOPLE’s rights, lives, and legacies have been ever present in America for all of US to see. Yet, nonexistent to all of YOU who choose not to. How long can WE expect any human being—no, any living creature to continue to accept inferior/substandard treatment, and conditions before the inevitable happens?”

I’d like to say the release of this track is timely, but when is an indictment of American law enforcement ever not relevant these days?

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