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T.I. ft. Kat – I Go Hard


How bad does this movie look though? Like Lowkey said, stop fucking casting T.I. as an LA gangster when his accent is hopelessly ATL. And Kevin Hart, you’re better than this. Anyways, here’s Tip’s “I Go Hard” from the Get Hard soundtrack.

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4 Responses to “T.I. ft. Kat – I Go Hard”

  1. King James Says:

    Stop hating Eskay

  2. King James Says:

    Black man to black man I don’t understand how some blog niggas can hate on other black man for making money on sure fire #1 box office movie

  3. King James Says:

    Straight up my nigga the comment section went to 100 to 0 real quick

    Worry about that

  4. King James Says:

    So niggas suppose to give up millions and movies with Will Ferrell because 2 fat blogger niggas are mad….k

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