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All The Way Live: Action Bronson Celebrates Mr. Wonderful In His Hometown, Baby


Words by Daniel Isenberg (@StanIpcus)

“It’s been a long time coming, man. What the fuck.” That was Action Bronson, pausing for a moment to address the sold out crowd at Terminal 5 last night as he attempted to make sense of everything that’s happened these past four years. This shit is not a fluke, bruh. Action Bronson has worked his ass off to become one of the greatest rap stars New York City has ever given birth to, and anyone who disagrees at this point is completely out of touch with what’s popping right now in the Big Apple, and beyond.

Last night was the first of back-to-back shows celebrating Bronson’s major label debut Mr. Wonderful. And to properly pay homage to his glorious new body of work, he—along with The Alchemist on the wheels and Party Supplies on the instruments—performed the album in full from start to finish. As Action emerged from backstage and raised his fist to the uproarious crowd (who had waited outside on a ridiculously long line wrapped around the venue to see him), it was clear that this was going to be a special night.


The wonderful thing about Mr. Wonderful is it’s an album that has the shape of a live concert. “Brand New Car” is the perfect performance opener, even in the way it sets him up to start rapping, “Thank you a lot for coming,” then regroup to rip off his long-sleeve after the false start and begin again, “Yo fuck this jacket, I turn this shit to 85 napkins.” It’s like he pictured tearing down stages while making the music.

As if “Brand New Car” didn’t have enough energy to kick things off, when “The Rising” beat dropped, the crowd went ballistic. And so did Bronson, pouring a bottle of water on his head then throwing it in the air like a possessed maniac, before diving into his verse and shouting out his mother seated in the balcony VIP, “Ma we did it, I love you, you lucky slut!” Statik Selektah, the producer of the rowdy track, came on stage as well to join in the water works. But it was Fuck, That’s Delicious co-star Big Body Bes’ entrance and rant that garnered the most crowd response, as he yelled his highly-quotable outro (“You might see my face stamped on a bag of dope”) while Bronson happily amped him up.

Bronson continued to run through the entire album, rapping every word without missing a syllable, sounding as crisp and amazing as the LP vocals themselves. Rap has never seen someone of his size control a mic with such vigor and composure at the same time on stage. His energy and pronunciation is maxed out for every word of the song, it’s highly impressive. But more importantly, it just makes for a dope-ass rap show when you can actually hear the rhymes, and they aren’t muffled by a hypeman or out-of-breath screaming.

Also, it should be noted that all the beats on Mr. Wonderful sound sick live. The Alchemist-produced “Terry,” a personal favorite of Bronson’s (“I’m so glad this beat is mine”), ignited an early chronic break for the crowd. Then “Actin Crazy” and Bam Bam’s collabo “The Falconry” with Meyhem Lauren (who also did a nice opening set) turned everything way the fuck up again. Action followed by asking, “Where’s my singing microphone?” before breaking into the rapless “City Boy Blues,” which made for a well-timed vibe shift.

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After humbly acknowledging his lack of singing skills (“Hey, I gave it a shot”), Action kept the live vibe going with Party Supplies on “A Light in the Addict,” then had some fun with his new single “Baby Blue,” before hopping in the crowd to turn shit all the way back up for the rock-infused “Only in America.” He did his best Bruce Springsteen impression to start, jumped down to the right, then parted the heart of the crowd, muscling his way straight across to the entranceway to encourage everyone to “buy some merchandise!” He also managed to break into a brief and chuckle-worthy performance of Billy Joel’s “Movin’ Out,” a song he’s been known to use as a show intro in the past.

Bronson took a moment to cool out and talk with his mom again on the album’s chillest cut “Galactic Love,” then let Party Supplies do their thing for a bit while he gathered himself for the album/show closer, “Easy Rider.” With his fist in the air once again, he summoned his loyal listeners to bang their head along with him as he shredded through the grand finale. And since he knew that wouldn’t be enough, he came back on stage and ripped his shirt open for an unplugged “Amadu Diablo” encore. With Justin of Party Supplies plucking away at the beautiful Tracy Chapman lick, the crowd yelled along to their favorite line (“I nutted in like three strokes/Shit, now that’s no way to rep the East Coast!”) and cheered as Action strong-armed a stage-rusher by throwing him back into the crowd with the ease of a WWF heavyweight champion. It was the perfect cherry-on-top to a truly memorable evening with rap’s most undeniable and charismatic new star, Action Bronson. Salud.

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UPDATE. Looks like Bam Bam had some special gifts for the Wednesday night (2nd sold out show) crowd…

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Pics via chucknorrisisgod and brianvasconez.

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