Report: There Has Been a Shooting at Lil Wayne’s Miami Home


Miami’s WSVN is reporting a shooting incident at Lil Wayne’s Miami home. You can watch live updates on the story via the live stream below, but according to early reports, the block has been shut down and law enforcement are trying to gain access to the home as we speak. There have been initial reports that as many as 4 people may have been injured. Apparently there was a similar incident in Miami in recent days that turned out to be a hoax, but it is unclear if that is the case here.

Story developing. UPDATED: Young Money has reportedly confirmed that Wayne was not at the residence during the alleged shooting and is ok. The SWAT team is on the scene and are preparing to enter.

UPDATED: A Miami Beach Police public information officer has told reporters that the initial call reporting the shooting came from an individual who was not at the home and had claimed to have shot 4 people. They have not yet entered the home, but say they have seen no indication of any shooting. Was Wayne “Swatted”?

UPDATED: The SWAT Team has entered the home and determined that the call was a hoax.


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