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Bobby Shmurda Decries Lack of Support From Label


The New York Times spoke to Bobby Shmurda, who is still incarcerated on Rikers Island on weapons and drug charges, and his entertainment attorney Matthew Middleton about his precarious legal predicament. Since his arrest late last year, I’ve heard a few people wonder why his label Epic has failed to post his bond and get him back out on the street where he can continue to earn. After all, the label reportedly sunk a couple of million bucks into the young Brooklyn rapper when his runaway single “Hot Nigga” was bubbling across hoods this past Summer, so why wouldn’t they want to capitalize while he still has some momentum?

Citing 50 Cent’s track record of bailing out incarcerated G-Unit soldiers and Suge Knight’s infamous strategic acquisition of Tupac, the Times explains why any expectations of financial or legal support on Bobby’s part may have been naive:

But as rap has become more corporate, that kind of aid is unusual. Matthew Middleton, Mr. Pollard’s entertainment lawyer, said that while Epic is not obligated to cover bail or legal fees for Mr. Pollard, the artist expected more support, financial and emotional, especially after the label’s spirited pursuit of the rapper made them business partners.

“These companies for years have capitalized and made millions and millions of dollars from kids in the inner city portraying their plight to the rest of the world,” Mr. Middleton said. “To take advantage of that and exploit it from a business standpoint and then turn your back is disingenuous, to say the least.”

Epic is not G-Unit or Death Row. This is a corporation that is owned by a conglomerate that is run by people who will never sit in a jail cell and could never imagine facing what Bobby is facing now. All they see is dollar signs and phrases like “racketeering” and “attempted murder” scare the shit out of them. Not to mention, Bobby is not really a proven earner yet. This is not a guy who has already sold millions of records. It’s all business and they know precisely when they need to cut their losses.

As Shawn Corey Carter famously said, “Chains is cool to cop, but more important are lawyer fees”. Add bail money to that, because you shouldn’t count on that slick executive who was your best friend when he was trying to sign you to accept those collect calls from the box.

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