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Video: Tree – Milk Chin

Trap Genius was supposed to have dropped today and now after hearing this I’m mad that I’ll have to wait another week. Check out Tree’s previous video for “Look At Me Now” and pick up the album on its new February 24th release date.

If you’ve met Tree or caught him in a video somewhere on the internet you’re probably familiar with the distinctive patch of pale skin just below his lower lip. As a kid growing up in Chicago the birthmark was a cause of anger and insecurity as he was picked on for the off-set spot on his face. At this point though, grown and matured, Tree sees the mark that used to bring him angst as a source of pride and flexes appropriately here in his latest video for the aptly-titled “Milk Chin”. As Tree puts it himself “I got my money up and I’m able to embrace what I once thought was a hindrance. Now, at 30, I can make a song and video focused on my birth mark.”

Spotted: AHH 

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