Right or Nah? with Your Old Droog


Words by Daniel Isenberg (@StanIpcus)

We’re still less than a year into Coney Island MC Your Old Droog’s ascent to rap stardom, and dude continues to make more waves. His latest project, the Kinison EP which debuted last week on Rolling Stone’s website, features yet another outstanding overdose of beast-mode bars, this time atop a rock-inspired, sample-based soundscape concocted by his prolific production trio—El RTNC, DJ Skizz, and Marco Polo. And next week, he’s heading out on the PRhyme Tour with Royce da 5’9’’ & DJ Premier (and Boldy James), a well-deserved slot after a more-than-buzzworthy 2014. If you haven’t been paying attention to Droog, it’s about time you started.

Since we’re still in the process of getting to know what Droog is all about both on and off the mic, we hit him up to participate in our first ever Right or Nah? feature, where we learn what what our favorite hip-hoppers do and don’t fux with through a short sequence of cultural inquiries. If they’re a fan, then the response should be RIGHT. If not, NAH. Get it? Okay, let’s set this new series off with Brooklyn’s own Your Old Droog, and find out a little more about the man behind the rhymes.


1. Nathan’s Famous

Your Old Droog: “I’ll give it a RIGHT, in the summertime. I feel like their fries fell off a little bit, though. I probably went there like twice in the last year. Once in a blue you’ll hit Nathan’s, get like a Super Cheeseburger or something like that, and some cheese fries.

“There’s like two pizza spots [I like in my neighborhood], I wouldn’t co-sign them heavy though. I’ve been recording in Greenpoint by my man Skizz’s lab, and the food over there is better. In my hood, I probably just get a sandwich from the corner store type shit. They got Applebee’s, you could fuck with that. Real basic shit. Popeye’s. Regular Chinese spots. Spanish food. But honestly, I try to eat at the crib as much as possible. Soup and shit like that. [Laughs.]”


2. Grammy Awards

NAH, until I get one. I don’t really pay attention to The Grammys. It’s funny, like, people pretend to be in an uproar. But I feel like, yo, do your thing, and if the accolades come they come. If not, then it is what it is. But people gettin’ stressed over that is bugged out. [I didn’t watch on Sunday], but I scrolled down the timeline and got a few laughs, though. It was funny, some people were like, ‘Who’s Beck?’ In the ‘90s, he was a staple. He had some joints.”


3. adidas Yeezy 750 Boost

NAH, I haven’t seen them. Are they dope? I don’t pay attention. I’m pretty sure it’s some fly shit, though. What is it, like, some high-end type of deal? I used to be [into sneakers], but it’s something I fell out of touch with.

“When I look back to my teenage years, I really rocked with the black and red XIIs. I had a little Air Max 95 phase. And then I just stopped caring about sneakers. I just felt like it was a waste of money. You buy them, and they just sit in your crib. You don’t wanna wear them and fuck ‘em up.

“[I spend my money on] dumb shit. Newports and Hennessey. I’ma stop spending money though, and stack it all. I had a little bread before rap, so it wasn’t crazy. I didn’t like splurge and shit when I saw a little bit of money, and buy like a Jesus piece and mad bottles of expensive champagne. I want that Bill Gates swag. Wrinkled shirt with mad money.”


4. Stage Diving

NAH, not at all. I’m too tall for that shit, B. I’ll catch a lawsuit or something. But you never know. I’m might just catch the Holy Ghost one night on stage and just do that shit. But, you know, I care about fan safety.

“I’ma bring out Cher and David Bowie [on tour]. Maybe Madonna for ‘Gentrify My Hood.’ It’s gonna be some shit. We’ve only had a couple shows. The first shit sold out, we did some shit overseas. I’m ready to grind it out and really master performing live. But I feel like I got it, man. It’s nothin’ difficult. ”


5. Brooklyn Nets

“Yo, NAH. I just can’t get into it. I used to be a Knicks fan, but that was too much heartbreak. I try not to be a fan of any one team. It’s too stressful. But I’m a fan of basketball, period.

“But, nah. Unless they cut a check. I’ll do some vocals on that Marco Polo beat they play on the YES Network. So, maybe. The colors are dope, though. But I don’t got no Nets gear. I thought about copping a hat or some shit, but it just never happened.

“I was more of a fan of basketball when I was younger. I kind of fell out the loop with that shit. But I still stay tuned when incredible shit happens. Steph Curry 50 point games, or the Klay shit. I be like, ‘Wow.’”

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