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Suge Knight Arrested, Charged with Murder

Following the fatal hit and run incident that he was involved in yesterday in Compton, Suge Knight surrendered to police early this morning and was charged with murder. He is being held on $2 million bail. TMZ has more details about the incident and why Suge was charged with murder even though they don’t think he intended to kill Terry Carter, who was actually travelling with Suge in his vehicle prior to the altercation. UPDATED: Suge was officially charged on Monday.

UPDATED: According to sources close to Suge, he was in Compton looking to squash his long-running beef with Dr. Dre when things got out of control:

Shortly before the collision, Suge had gone to another location where the commercial for “Straight Outta Compton” was being shot and got into a physical push and shove with Dr. Dre’s security. Some off-duty officers saw the altercation and ordered Suge to leave.

Our Suge sources say a short time later Terry Carter called Suge and said he had contacted Dre and was told to bring Suge by the next location where they could work out their problems. Suge says he took Carter up on the offer, believing it would be a peaceful meeting, but when he arrived he got jumped before he even got out of his truck.

Continued below.

Law enforcement sources tell us … they have interviewed multiple witnesses who say the man Suge seemed to be after was Cle “Bone” Sloan, an actor who has appeared in “Training Day” and “End of Watch.”

Suge and Bone were in a physical altercation before he threw his truck in reverse. Witnesses say Suge gunned the car in reverse twice, as if to make sure he hit his target.

The man who died, Terry Carter, was a passenger in the truck when they arrived. He’s a good friend of Suge’s who was apparently dealing with Bone behind the truck when Suge gunned it.

Even though Suge clearly did not intend to kill Carter, in California and most states, if someone in the process of committing a felony accidentally kills someone in the process … he can be charged with murder.

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