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Watch as LL Cool J & Canibus Finally Squash Their Beef

This past Friday night in New York, LL Cool J brought former adversary Canibus on-stage during Hot 97’s Christmas in Brooklyn concert at the Barclays Center and the pair officially squashed their legendary beef. ‘Bis famously set off the conflict with a few braggadocios lines on the track “4,3,2,1″ that LL perceived as shots at the throne. The GOAT responded in kind on that same track, solo dis tracks were exchanged and the rest is history. In the video above, LL tells the crowd that sometimes you have to move on from past disagreements and make peace before bringing Canibus out for what could very well be their first joint performance of the song since they shot the video.

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2 Responses to “Watch as LL Cool J & Canibus Finally Squash Their Beef”

  1. ppp Says:

    Watch as no one gives a shit.

  2. spirit equality Says:

    SMH @ LL performing the verse dissing Canibus without changing any of the lines AND hitting him with the inadvertent (?) parting shot “Your career’s starting again, baby!”

    They should have rocked their respective dis tracks back to back live…now THAT would have driven the crowd nuts. LOL.

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