Waka Flocka – Fire Squad Freestyle

Waka Flocka remixes J. Cole’s “Fire Squad”.

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One Response to “Waka Flocka – Fire Squad Freestyle”

  1. OZ Says:

    If the Truly Yours mixtapes are any indication, J. Cole is at his best when he’s not trying to be the best. On those EPs, there was no falling back on ‘90s nostalgia by jumping on famous samples (“Villuminati” and “LAnd of the Snakes”) or paying tribute to the greats (“Let Nas Down”). Instead, it was just good raps over good beats. perhaps this was going to be an artistic statement whereas his previous two albums were mildly enjoyable bits of pop rap that mostly didn’t pop at all.

    With respects to diminishing returns, both his rapping and his production seems to be worse than ever before. J. Cole compares himself to Rakim before feebly namedropping five people and declaring that he’s God in his typical rhyme-a-word-with-itself-ness: “You ain’t the God / Nigga, Cole the God”.

    If I’ve seemed unduly harsh on J. Cole, it’s because I know he can do better. I long for him to stop relying on rhyming the same word with itself, i.e. most of the second verse on “G.O.M.D.”.

    and with that said.

    J.coles album fucking sucks, it’s worst then the last which was worst then the last. bring that friday night lights “farewell” “before i’m gone” j.cole – blank bored stare the entire time listening to this album.

    removed my headphones and threw them down, was so pissed after listening to this, expected so much more. the BEATS SUCCKKK YO. audio valium. cringeworthy singing, laziest hooks, lamest rhymes and patterns, his doing his best eminem , shouting loud and showing us how angry he is with nothing to say. abc rhyme patterns just rhyming the end of every sentence —–cat, —–hat, ——-sat.

    then his like oh fuck people arguing over who’s the king everyones the king, that doesn’t matter. then the net track his like fuck you i’m the king of this. then white people snatched the sound. does he know him and drake are half white with with white mothers who raised them…white? smh.

    The Warm up and friday night lights are the only projects you need from this guy. he just seems pissed his realised his nowhere near the caliber of talent required to take the throne (nowhere even close to drake or kendricks talent and they in turn are nowhere close to the talent of the 90s cats like nas, big pun, jay, pac, eminem, raekwon, andree 3000 in their prime – not even close) so now it’s fuck the throne fuck being the best. well better to hate what you can’t have cole. this guy is a hypocrite he seems more interested in being the best then making the best records or best rhymes – his trying to be personal like kendricks good kid mad city but he was a better rapper when he told other peoples stories and connected himself to them. friday night lights is what this album is trying to be but check out friday night lights check out – farewell and you you’ll find that there isn’t one song on this new album that captures him reminiscing as well, as interesting, on as dope a beat with as dope a flow. farewell, before i’m gone, 2 face, the autograph, head buss, rise above, see world, all these songs from his mix tapes shit all over anything on this album. the worst song on friday night lights would be the best song on this album. get this guy off the stage his not even a contender anymore. memphis bleak 2.0.

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