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Jay Z & Russell Simmons Talk Police Brutality w/ NY Gov


The NY Times is reporting that Jay Z and Uncle Russ took a meeting with NY Governor Andrew Cuomo to discuss the ongoing crisis of police walking free after murdering innocent Black men. While I applaud Jay and Russell for using their influence to bring this issue directly to the most powerful politician in the state, let me break this shit down for you real quick.

I’m guessing that the only reason Cuomo even met with these two is because they both probably made contributions to his campaign. I don’t know this for sure, but this is how rich people get shit done, by paying for it one way or another. The Times reports that Russell says the Governor promised him that he would assign a special prosecutor to oversee cases such as the killing of Eric Garner or the recent shooting of Akai Gurley by a rookie cop in Brooklyn. This is an important step that needs to be taken because, as we saw with the Mike Brown case in Ferguson, local prosecutors have zero desire to lock up the cops that bring them their cases.

But then the Times piece also notes that Cuomo’s spokeswoman denies that the Governor made any such promise and characterized the conversation as a discussion of “a range of options” that may be included in a reform package the governor will try to get passed in 2015. Obviously there’s a disconnect there somewhere.

That’s basically the Governor’s office saying, “We did not and can not promise you shit”. Sure, Jay and Russell can get a meeting, which is more than the average NY state resident can hope to do, but it doesn’t necessarily mean anything will come of it. No sitting Governor is going to make a promise like that outright because, while they certainly need the support of the Black community, they also need the support of the police and police union. The police union doesn’t see anything wrong with anything the cops do ever, so obviously they won’t be happy with the use of a special prosecutor who might not necessarily be willing to sweep all of these murders under the rug.

So  yeah, this meeting was a good look because it’s a couple of high profile Black businessmen bringing the fight to the powers that be, but at the end of the day Cuomo is a politician and like every politician he’s got a hundred different interests to appease.  But what the hell do I know.

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4 Responses to “Jay Z & Russell Simmons Talk Police Brutality w/ NY Gov”

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  3. G Off Says:

    Yo Eskay! Great breakdown.. I agree with your reading of what really went down. It still helps overall though- it shows another way of taking action other than just protests and t-shirts. Of course nothing can be promised in a meeting, but the pressure to follow through will be a lot stronger with more people being aware of what the options are and having visibility to the way power is actually wielded in politricks. Peace.


  4. spirit equality Says:

    Salute to Jay for even trying.

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