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That One-Off Wu-Tang Album Appears in a Skrillex Video


Will The RZA ever find a buyer for that one-off Wu-Tang album that he recorded with producer Cilvaringz? Last we heard, he was fielding offers in the $5 million range. I’m thinking that there aren’t too many die-hard Wu-Tang fans with that kind of change to throw around, but hey, stranger things have happened. Until somebody does purchase this thing and makes it available for consumption by the unwashed masses, the album itself appears to be living better than some of us, travelling the world and making cameos in high budget Nabil directed music videos.


Towards the end of Skrillex’s new video for “Fuck That”, which dropped a couple  of weeks ago, a faceless, cloaked figure appears holding the album it the intricately carved box that it calls home. There was a rumor floating around earlier today that Skrillex had ponied up the $5 million for the LP, but the DJ took to Twitter a short while ago to explain that the album was actually just on loan from RZA for the video.

In any event, Nabil is a killer director, so you should watch the video either way.

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