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Killer Mike & El-P’s Meow The Jewels is Happening (Trailer)

When Killer Mike and El-P listed their new Run The Jewels 2 project for sale on their website, they jokingly(?) included a special $40,000 “Meow The Jewels” package for (presumably) fans of both RTJ and cats. For the relatively reasonable price of $40K, they claimed, they would remix the new LP using nothing but cat sounds. As in, the noises cats make, sampled and turned into Rap beats.

The internet, which notoriously has only trace amounts of chill, almost immediately turned the joke into a very real Kickstarter campaign. Meow The Jewels recently reached it’s $40,000 goal and as of this writing has exceeded it by over $14,000. So yeah, we’re getting a Killer Mike and El-P cat album.

Sure, it may sound ridiculous, but they’ve already enlisted the like of Just Blaze, Alchemist, Dan the Automator and Skywlkr to make production contributions. Watch the new trailer above and look out for the feline-free edition of RTJ2 to drop on October 27th.

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