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All the Way Live: Party Supplies Performs with Action Bronson and Roc Marciano at Sonos Studio NYC

Sonos Studio NYCPhoto by Bryan Derballa

Words by Daniel Isenberg (@StanIpcus) | Photos by Bryan Derballa (unless otherwise noted)

This past Friday night I had the esteemed privilege of attending a private event hosted by Sonos and Soundcloud, featuring live music by Party Supplies and my two favorite rappers alive—Action Bronson and Roc Marciano. As a Rap Dad of three who doesn’t get to go out much anymore and enjoy live music, I must say it was well worth the journey from the 914 into Manhattan. Here are my ten highlights from the night.


1. The venue was dope. 

Neuehouse is described on its website as “a radically new kind of office: a series of spaces, experiences and amenities especially suited to ambitious innovators.” And that it was. I thought at first we were going into some sort of upscale club, but this was much different. The main level had high ceilings, huge lounge areas with couches and coffee tables, and long wood tables with big swivel chairs. It felt like we were in a pimped-out library. And since my friend and I arrived early to the venue, we found ourselves—accidentally—at a completely separate Sonos Studio NYC event on the main level, slugging free “crafted cocktails” while some woman in the background lectured about what it would be like if she had a penis. I know, totally weird. We tuned her out pretty quickly, but thoroughly enjoyed the ambiance and alcohol.

The actual performance, however, was held downstairs, in an intimate, 100-person max room with similar decor (it had books on the walls and shit like that), with a more traditional, basement-level club vibe. It’s not often that you get to see your favorite artists perform in such an up-close-and-personal space, so I was pretty psyched.

(Photo above via Brooklyn Vegan)


2. I hung out with Roc Marciano and his crew before the show.

After a couple free drinks, we stepped outside to get some, uh, fresh air before the show started, and spotted Roc Marciano and a couple of his boys—including his manager Jazz who I’ve become cool with over the past year or so—low-key hanging out across the street from the venue. I’ve interviewed Roc three times in the past, twice for NahRight and once for Complex. But it was always over the phone, so it was awesome to finally meet the God in person for the first time. Jazz, too. We chilled for a few with Roc and his crew, talked music, took some flicks, had some laughs, and it was all love. Dudes were all mad cool and welcoming and gracious, and it was amazing to get some hang time with the guy whose music I literally can’t stop listening to. And Roc made it clear how appreciative he was of the work I had done in the past to support him, which was very humbling.

(Photo above via JazzUNGang)

Sonos Studio NYCPhoto by Bryan Derballa

3. Party Supplies and the live band opened up with “Steve Wynn.”

I wasn’t really sure what to expect of the night, musically. I figured Party Supplies was going to do cuts from their album, and then bring out Action and Roc as guests to do hip-hop material from their production catalog. But actually, they set it off with a ill-ass instrumental rendition of the Blue Chips banger “Steve Wynn.” Yo, when that bass line dropped in, that shit sounded so dope it made me want to revert to my younger days and spit a trillion bars. Props to Antibalas members/collaborators Miles Arntzen on the drums, Will Rast on the keys, and Luke O’Malley on bass, as well as DJ Shiftee on the wheels. They all slayed it.

Sonos Studio NYCPhoto by Bryan Derballa

4. Action Bronson rocked out.

Bronson appeared a few songs into Party Supplies’ set from the back of the stage, wearing comfortable sweat attire and a brightly-colored Brazil bandana, with a long Dutch dangling from his lip. It was a little after 10pm as he told us all, “I just woke the fuck up.” But you wouldn’t have known it by the way he was ripping the fuck out of “9-24-11.”

Bronson did however botch his lyrics in a couple spots. Maybe it was because he just woke up, but it seemed more like he just wasn’t used to rapping with the live band. It really didn’t matter though, because Bam Bam got so amped off how they were killing his beats that instead of rapping, he chose to hype the crowd up with emphatic screams, and headbang along to the rhythm like a plump Axl Rose. It’s really hard not to be entertained by his presence whether he’s rapping or not. The guy just makes everyone happy. He’s a rap star like the world has never seen before.

Sonos Studio NYCPhoto by Bryan Derballa

5. Meyhem Lauren made a surprise guest appearance.

After another instrumental number, Bronson stopped the band and requested for them to play “Jackson & Travolta.” His bulky Queens partner-in-rhyme Meyhem Lauren emerged seconds later, and the two ripped apart the Blue Chips 2 duet with authority. My friend, who had never heard Meyhem Lauren before, was like, “Yo, he’s nice! He reminds me of M.O.P.” To which I responded, “Exactly.”

Sonos Studio NYCPhoto by Bryan Derballa

6. A security guard had the nerve to make Action Bronson put out his blunt.

Bronson finally lit the Dutch he had dangling off his lip. And as he did, my boy Dharmic X (who I gotta shout out for getting me on the list) said to us, “They kicked Danny Brown out last night for smoking.” A minute later, security was on stage, blatantly interrupting the show and telling Bronson to put out the blunt.

Bam Bam handled the moment like a Queens G, though. He gently stomped the end of the blunt out on the floor, semi-politely guided the security guard off the stage with his hand, and then pulled another rolled Dutch out of his pocket and commenced to dangling it from his lip. The crowd loved it.

Sonos Studio NYCPhoto by Bryan Derballa

7. Action Bronson and Roc Marciano performed “Pouches of Tuna.”

When Bronson introduced Roc Marciano to the stage, a few people in the audience seemed to know who he was, but for the most part, no one really understood that they were now in the presence of true rap godliness. Party Supplies and the band dropped in a live rendition of the stripped-down “Pouches of Tuna” loop, and Bronson and Roc took turns murking it with their verses. Physically, they’re an odd pairing, but god damn do they sound dope together. I’m waiting for them to just say “fuck it” and put out a joint EP, that shit would be crazy.

Sonos Studio NYCPhoto by Bryan Derballa

8. Roc Marciano performed “Emeralds” and “76.”

Bronson took a place in the front row so Roc could do his thing for a couple solo cuts with the band, and boy did he. Choosing to perform the two hardest songs on Reloaded, Roc bodied both bangers like the seasoned vet that he is, making his flow and punchlines felt with each bar. Recreating hip-hop beats ain’t that easy, but the band made the tracks sound nice and gritty (Justin from Party Supplies freaked the MPC on “76” too), and Roc stepped up and brought just enough extra energy needed to spit with live instruments backing him, without compromising his laid-back, Pimpstead swag. It was my favorite sequence of the show.

Sonos Studio NYCPhoto by Bryan Derballa

9. Action Bronson debuted a new song that featured him singing on the hook.

It’s always fun and exciting when artists debut never-before-heard material during a live set. So when Bronson and the band broke into a new song (which one could only assume will be on his upcoming album), I was instantly hyped. The beat and the lyrics were awesome (“Dog, what the fuck is with your mother?/She got one leg longer than the other”), but my favorite part was when he started singing the hook. Who knew Bam Bam could carry a tune?! It sounded ill though, in that Grand Puba way where it’s so off-key that it’s actually perfect. And he performed his new single “Easy Rider” too to close out the night, which was thoroughly epic with the live band.


10. I met Action Bronson and Big Body Bes after the show and it was hilarious. 

After the show, Bronson’s co-manager Dro, who I also finally got to meet in person for the first time, introduced us. Just like Roc, I’ve interviewed Action three times before, but always over the phone. I’ve said before that Bronson is my favorite rapper of all time, so you can imagine how thrilled I was to properly meet him in real life. I gave him props on the performance and told him how great it was to finally link up after the past few years of covering him and his music, and he showed his sincere appreciation for me too, which again was humbling. And I got to meet his man Big Body Bes, who also showed mad love, and even popped some jokes off with my friend that was with me, which had everyone cracking up. It was a hilarious moment, just peep the pics above for proof.

The thing to remember about guys like Action and Roc and Jazz and Dro and Big Body and Meyhem and Justin from Party Supplies is that at the core, they’re just regular, good-hearted, loyal New York dudes. They’re familiar characters, especially for a guy like me who’s from their generation and also grew up in New York immersed in the same hip-hop culture. And that’s what makes them so likable and relatable as artists.

But it should be noted, just because these guys are relatable, it doesn’t mean they’re of the norm. Action Bronson is a legitimate superstar-on-the-rise with insane rapping and songwriting skills and endless personality. Roc Marciano is straight up one of the most prolific rappers/producers in the game right now—no, fuck that, of all time. And Party Supplies, well, they’re the unsung heroes of the whole movement, with talent out the wazoo. And these facts were all reinforced last Friday night at Sonos Studio NYC. I’m proud to report that New York hip-hop is in good hands.

(Photo above via ippydippy)

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Special thanks to Peter Oasis!!

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