Your Old Droog – Secondhand Gunsmoke (Gunsmoke Cologne Superblack Remix)


With J-Zone on drums and Sacha Jenkins (Superblack, The White Mandingos and Mass Appeal) on guitar, Droog drops an updated version of “Gunsmoke Cologne”, one of the illest and most controversial tracks from his debut EP.

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2 Responses to “Your Old Droog – Secondhand Gunsmoke (Gunsmoke Cologne Superblack Remix)”

  1. The Kid Says:

    Nas is behind this – he’s writing for the guy rapping, read this verse from Death Anniversary from a while back:

    What if I told you that AZ didn’t exist
    And I put him there, played it like a ventriloquist
    Cause niggas spit fake shit and y’all respect it
    I spit that real shit and y’all won’t buy the record
    What if me and the rapper homey was really cool
    And we used that whole thing as a media tool
    Would you say I was a sucka or say I was savvy
    If I told you mothafucka’s that me and K wasn’t married?
    What if Jungle wrote my shit and I’m really illiterate
    And the whole Nas catalog was just an experiment

  2. tC DiBiase Says:

    <—- Go that way @TheKid

    Why would he write for a whiteboy out of Sheepshead Bay?

    Droog is around 25-30 yrs old. Like myself he must of grown up listening to the gold standard of hip-hop, Nas falls in that category.

    Ghost is writing for Action Bronson also? Nah Droog spitting that real sh*t and it got ya brain f*cked up. Thats all.

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