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The Weapons Case Against Jeezy is Very Weak


It appears that the illegal firearms case brought against Jeezy and 5 of his associates last week by police in Irvine, CA could fall apart very soon. According to TMZ, the AK-47 assault rifle that was found on the rapper’s tour bus, and which prompted the arrests, is legally registered to Jeezy’s head of security. Jeezy and his crew were arrested on August 24th and spent several days in custody after they all refused to claim ownership of the weapon. Unfortunately for them, the security head was not on the bus to resolve the situation because he was sitting in a hospital after being shot in the hand during the Suge Knight shooting that same night.

TMZ even produced footage of the unidentified man standing outside of 1 OAK seeking medical attention:

Law enforcement sources with knowledge of the case say that the weapon was nowhere near Jeezy at the time of the search, and the people on the bus told the arresting officers several times that the weapon was legal and registered to a member of the security detail.

No wonder Jeezy was so confident that he’d beat the charges. During an interview with The Breakfast Club following his release, he stated pretty confidently that he would be cleared of any wrongdoing once the facts of the case came out. This doesn’t necessarily  bode well for the other members of Jeezy’s crew who were allegedly found to be in possession of other illegal firearms, but it should clear Snow’s name.

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