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Loop Library with The Purist


Words by Daniel Isenberg (@StanIpcus)

Please don’t think that the only cats making ill beats right now are located in America. This is not the case, at all. Want proof? Okay, check out this dude The Purist from the UK. First of all, if you’ve been sleeping, he’s already produced tracks for some of the dopest stateside MCs, such as Action Bronson, Roc Marciano, Sean Price, and Danny Brown. And to dig deeper than the names on the resume, the music itself is wild dope. Man, I still remember discovering his Bronson cut “Northern & Roozy” accidentally on YouTube the day it dropped, like, “What is this?!?!” The loop was so fresh, it made Bam Bam sound better than ever. To this day, it’s one of the most slept-on songs in Action’s catalog. And that’s just one of many bangers that The Purist has concocted. Trust, this man’s got heat. Want another example? How about this Maffew Ragazino joint “Fish$cale.” Flamessss.

Since The Purist is one of the producers we’re anxiously awaiting new material from here at NahRight, we hollered at him to share some of his samples for our latest Loop Library feature. Dig into The Purist’s crates below, and make sure you cop both his TR-ILL and Double Feature EPs on iTunes now.

1. Stefano Torrossi “Walking in the Dark”

The Purist: “I managed to track down a copy of this LP during a trip to Tokyo around 2005. I’d been looking for it for ages but had never seen one in the wild, only on eBay for crazy money. The whole LP is amazing. It pretty much ticks every box I’m looking for in sample material. Dope instrumentation, soulful chord progressions—it sounds very much like a ’70s Blaxploitation soundtrack. Not to mention some chick’s naked on the cover. No brainer, right?

“The way I flipped ‘Walking in the Dark’ makes it sound like a straight loop, but it’s actually three or four different sections of the record spliced together to give it that two-chord structure. I had to fit the strings in, too. I spent a lot of time finding the right drums to fit it. Most of the urgency comes from the drum break.”

The Purist “B.N.B.G”



2. Zdzislawa Sosnicka “Dobranocka Moje Kochanie”

“This is some bizzaro Polish pop record, I can’t even remember where I picked it up. Looking at the state of it, it’s from some dollar bin somewhere. The rest of the record is trash, but this cut was just crying out to be looped. I just sped it up, and played the sections I liked into the MPC. Then I added an electronic sounding rise effect from another LP to smooth the transitions. There’s not a lot to it, but sometimes less is more.”

The Purist “Marijuana Minute”



3. Saga “Cantiga de Imigo”

“This is some dumb rare Portugese prog rock LP from the mid ’70s. I think Jose Luis Tinoco played many of the instruments on this himself. I picked this one up in Paris with a batch of French easy listening records, and this sat in my flat for months and months before I even listened to it. I was kicking myself for sleeping on it. There were probably about four different sample-able sections in this track alone, but I went for the vocal line and then filtered the bass line from another selection of the song and layered it under. I think I tried lacing it with some 808 percussion first time ’round, but opted for an energetic dusty drum break in the end off another LP I’d been wanting to use. Someone holler at Vic Mensa, he’d body this.”

The Purist “Brave New World”



4. Chameleon “Waterfall”

“I grabbed this off Simon Park’s Charade LP for the Sylvester library label. They put out some dope library LPs so I just copped it on that basis. Because it looked like an ’80s library record, I don’t think people had even bothered to pick it up, let alone listen to it. But they were suckers because it’s got some great moments on there.

“‘Waterfall’ has that spacey amostpheric feel to it, so I built the 808 percussion around a one-bar section of the intro. I threw in a Gang Starr sample to fill up some space in the mix too as it’s so sparse. This track’s about six or seven years old. I could give you a crazy list of rappers who passed on it back then, too. It was going to go on my TR-Ill project, but I cut it at the last minute so here it is rescued off my hard drive.”

The Purist “A.E.I.O.U”

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