Wara From The NBHD – Kidnapped (Stream)


Here’s the debut project from Atlanta by way of Brooklyn artist, Wara From The NBHD. Kidnapped is an 11-track concept project that follows the story of a young character named Piano Lessons.

Wara explained to Complex:

“He’s the definition/vision of what I personally know a lot of young black men go through coming up in America, or in general all over the world. He’s a young teenager who’s still trying to figure the world out and the only world he knows is his neighborhood. He’s very vulnerable and easy to convince to do things he shouldn’t be doing, as are most young teenagers. But on the other hand he is very talented on the piano and in music, which is represented through the production on the album, and that’s where he gets his nickname from.”

Featutres on the album include GrandeMarshall, Light Skinned Mac-11 of FatKidsBrotha and Rellajämü. Hit the jump to stream Kidnapped via Spotify.

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