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Video: Freddie Gibbs Interview w/ Ebro In The Morning

As promised, Freddie Gibbs heads to Hot 97 to respond to Jeezy’s comments. He also talks about Gary, Indiana, Pinata with Madlib and drops some bars over “We Made It”.

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2 Responses to “Video: Freddie Gibbs Interview w/ Ebro In The Morning”

  1. b Says:


    Lately, I’ve been feeling sad. Not so sad that I’d seek therapy, but
    just generally unhappy. Most of this sadness is due to the fact that I
    don’t have any real friends at school. My roommate and I are close, but
    he has his own separate friend group that I don’t really fit in with. I
    have many acquaintances who will say hi to me if they see me around
    campus, but we aren’t close enough to hang out with each other. Almost
    every night, my roommate leaves and goes to hang out with his friends
    which makes me feel like a loser. Most nights I just sit in my room and
    go on wshh, and I start to feel really depressed. Like what’s the point
    of even living on campus if I’m just going to sit in my room every night
    and go on wshh.

    I’ve considered transferring to a school closer
    to home and commuting, but I feel like I would become a recluse and
    would have 0 friends at all if I did that. I’m an introvert and pretty
    shy so I feel like living on campus is probably good for me. It’s just
    not as easy as I anticipated.

    I’ve also been really sad/anxious
    about being almost 21 and still a virgin. I want to be in a
    relationship, but for some reason it’s really hard for me to open up to
    people. I’m not desperate; in fact, sometimes I even like being single.
    But I feel a tremendous pressure to have had some experience by now. I
    also feel like it might turn girls away once they find out I have no
    experience or they’ll think there must be some reason I’ve never had a
    gf. I’m desperately worried I’ll never get married and I’ll be alone

    ^i felt this.

  2. spirit equality Says:

    Gibbs killed it with that freestyle over “We Made It”. Was that off the top of the head, for real, or was that some lines from a song?

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