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Video: Childish Gambino Calls Out Drake, Kendrick, ScHoolBoy Q During Live Freestyle

During a performance at the Hordern Pavilion in Australia the other night, Mr. Glover got on some “Control” shit and started rattling off the names of rappers he believes he’s better than and threatened to come at their necks. The targets of his vitriol were Kendrick, ScHoolBoy Q and Drake. Everybody’s talking about this on social media is as if it’s some big deal, but again, this is Hip-Hop and this is what’s supposed to happen in Hip-Hop. Aggression, slick talk and the competitive spirit . So if you want to hear the verse yourself, it’s starts about 2:00 in, just remember Rap is and will always be wrestling and we need shit like this to happen in order to keep these guys on their toes.

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