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Video: Lil Wayne: Weezy Wednesdays (Episode 20)

This week Lil Wayne recounts his time touring with Cash Money and The Hot Boy$. Weezy tells us about how they used to enter the stage on a helicopter after Birdman’s set. However, one night Wayne suffered what was thought to be overheating and collapsed. As we know now, Wayne is epileptic, had a seizure and had to miss a number of shows. When he returned to full health, Wayne no longer entered via helicopter, he was personally introduced by Stunna and ran out on stage, thus beginning Weezy’s solo career. Voila, the birth of Lil Wayne.

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  1. SDP Says:

    yall know im #TeamTunechi and all but why I gotta watch this high ass nigga say some high ass shit lmao #aintNobodyGotTime4Dat

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