Mixtape Memories with DJ Doo Wop


Of all the Golden Era DJs that soundtracked my life throughout the 90s, DJ Doo Wop stands out for one important reason: this dude and his crew rapped their asses off. As he mentions in our latest Mixtape Memories piece, although his tapes were undeniably hot and loaded with exclusive verses from the hottest MCs out, people often copped them just for the intros. On those first few minutes of each tape, you’d find him and his Bounce Squad crew demolishing the illest beats of the time in memorable fashion. With the exception of his “brother” Tony Touch, what other mixtape DJ can you name that was legitimately respected as an artist in his own right?

From its inception, myself and Ip knew the Mixtape Memories series would never be truly comprehensive without the testimony of the Bounce Master. Now we’ve finally got him and the story is as fascinating and informative as you would expect. He told us about his humble beginnings as a 9-year old DJ in the Bronx, to his first tapes in the late 80s and his eventual ascension as one of the most sought after DJs in New York City. He covered historic moments in his career, like when he debuted Prodigy’s Jay-Z diss that led to the infamous Summer Jam screen incident, the conception of his legendary ’95 Live mixtape and his time as Guru’s official tour DJ. And that’s only a fraction of the story.

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2 Responses to “Mixtape Memories with DJ Doo Wop”

  1. Frenchie Says:

    Mixtape Memories is the best thing on the internet period. Keep up the GREAT work.

  2. serjrock Says:

    Really glad you all are doing this. I remember the Bounce Squad skits with Snagglepus (Snagglepus was ALWAYS my favorite unsigned rapper- he was like an audio cartoon character, but son had some spit to’m) like with the Cross Kani (Karl Kani/Cross Color) jeans-or a bootlegger- and Sadat X as a member -his voice always stood out too…and the girl ripped a couple verses

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