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Funkmaster Flex’s Dame Dash Rant + Dame’s Response

For the last week or so, Dame Dash has been letting off shots at Lyor Cohen and Interscope executive Joie “IE” Manda on Instagram, accusing them of being culture vultures and I quote, “getting money off all of us and our authentic experiences”. Flex also caught a couple of strays for stepping up to defend them and shoot back at Dame.

Last night on Hot 97, Flex went on an extended diatribe about what he sees as Dame’s misguided attempts to scapegoat Cohen and Manda for the color of their skin, his irrelevance in the Rap game, how he profited by accepting funding from white execs and much more.

Regardless of what side of this debate you come down on, it’s a fascinating listen. Coincidentally, at around the same time Flex was going off on-air, Dame was recording an interview with Combat Jack in which he is widely expected to respond to respond to Flex’s assertions.

That should be out shortly, at which time I will update the post, but until then, get a load of Flex.

UPDATED with Dame’s interview with Combat Jack below.

Plus, Dame’s got words for Todd Moscowitz now as well.

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