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Video: Cam’ron Talks London Fans, Dipset Legacy

Cam was in London earlier this week to play a show at The Forum, but as you may have heard, he ended up ducking out of the venue before ever taking the stage after he got wind that there might be a setup at hand.

Prior to the show, he caught up with FACT Magazine for a quick interview in which he spoke on returning to London after 9 years and his popularity there, enjoying a nearly 20 year career, Dipset being the last organic group, the Federal Reserve EP with A-Trak, grime artist Skepta and fans with Cam tattoos.

Dipset had a real following in the UK, like it was way more influential to grime and UK rap than a lot of people realise. Were you aware of that?

Well like I said, I haven’t been here. What’s really dope now is that through social media you can appreciate the love. I was telling somebody a little while ago, that when you put something out years ago you never really knew if they liked it until you got to the show and saw people’s reaction. Now you can see where people are from, and how much love they got for you.

Watch a clip above and read the full interview here.

Cam being Cam, he had jokes about the Forum incident on Instagram:

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2 Responses to “Video: Cam’ron Talks London Fans, Dipset Legacy”

  1. EskayIsAnIdiot Says:

    Nobody tried to set him up. The fans rushed the stage AFTER cam’ron decided not to play, despite being in the venue. Do your fucking research.

  2. eskay Says:

    eat a dick because what does the fans rushing the stage have to do with there being a setup planned? nobody said they rushed the stage to get Cam.

    believe me i know the whole story, more than I let on here, and even so I still wrote that there “might have been a setup”.

    so again, eat a dick.

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