Wiz Khalifa – The Rain

Wiz Khalifa releases a new freestyle over Missy Elliott’s “The Rain” beat. 28 Grams mixtape coming this Monday.

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4 Responses to “Wiz Khalifa – The Rain”

  1. king yeezus Says:

    Wiz Khalifa is ass now

    I don’t understand my nigga had his own sound with Big Jerm, E.Dan, Sledgren, and them that Pittsburgh sound

    Burn After Rolling, Kush & OJ, Rolling Papers, Cabin Fever, Taylor Allderdice, How Fly>>>>>>>

    Mac Miller is better than him these days shits cray

    R.I.P. The Kid Frankie aka 007

  2. king yeezus Says:

    But my nigga did revive Juicy J’s career and in turn my nigga Juicy J has been delivering classics since 2011

    Stay Trippy>>>>>>>>>>>>

  3. king yeezus Says:

    This NCAA softball tournament #32 on Arizona can get wifed up by me

  4. king yeezus Says:

    this NCAA softball tournament >>>>>>>>

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