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Rick Ross Has An Advice Column

As you may have heard, Rick Ross will be doing a short stint as an advice columnist for Rolling Stone. His first “Dear Ricky” column is now online and he’s fielding questions about needy women, underappreciated basketball coaches and homework assignments.

Here he advises a kid whose pops is trying to crash his smoke sessions:

I’m 23, but I live at home with my dad. Usually it’s all good: The rent is free, and he’s a cool guy. But sometimes he’s a little too cool – the past few times I’ve been hanging out with my friends, my dad keeps barging in and asking if we want to smoke some weed with him. How can I tell him nicely to stop embarrassing me like this? —Phil, Santa Monica
I think you should reconsider. You get to sit around and play video games and shit, and your dad actually smokes weed with you and your homeys? Your situation is pretty unique. Take advantage of that bond time, man. I definitely would have smoked with my father if I could have. I say have an open-door policy. Come on in, Dad!

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  1. King Yeezus Says:

    It’s amazing how this site fell off thanks to bad management

  2. TS-LTE Says:

    I’m still here.

    In the stands. Clapping from the rafters. Can’t give this shit up. Too much of me is on these boards.

    *Daps the respectable*

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