Brooklyn Hustler Calvin Klein on Relationship with Jay-Z

Brooklyn street legend, hustler and stickup man Calvin Klein Bacote sits down with Jack Thriller for Thisis50. He speaks on getting his name from the real 50 Cent, his legendary gun game, robbing rappers back in the day, his relationship with DJ Clark Kent, the time King Tut robbed his own mother’s church and the time him and his man robbed the whole F train.

In part 2 below, he talks about how Jay-Z used to hustle for him and how he was one of the first people to reach out to him after he came home from prison in 2004. He also details how they later fell out over a business deal that Klein was trying to broker on Jay’s behalf.

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One Response to “Brooklyn Hustler Calvin Klein on Relationship with Jay-Z”

  1. cOLD Says:

    if you listen to this interview all the way through, when he talks about the price of the Civic Center going up. That was Jay’s own doing. He was stalling and playing chess with the amateur (Klein)

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