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Video: 50 Cent ft. Jadakiss & Kidd Kidd – Irregular Heartbeat

Again, Kiss bodied it.

Previously: 50 Cent ft. Jadakiss & Kidd Kidd – Irregular Heartbeat

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8 Responses to “Video: 50 Cent ft. Jadakiss & Kidd Kidd – Irregular Heartbeat”

  1. TS-LTE Says:

    I wish my homies were here for me to tell my story.

    Oh well.

    This place is legacy. And I thank you all for that.

    *Daps the ghost of Nah*

    Y’all been good. Now I’m good.


  2. Sonny Moore Says:

    LMAO @ Kevin Durant’s bitchass crying and sobbing in his MVP speech…

    nigga WTF????

    Magic Johnson did a press conference to tell the world he had the AIDS…son didnt blink, wince or shed nan teardrop…

    but this anorexic mommas boy sniveling for 20 minutes straight telling westbrook and perkins and his momma and half of oklahoma, how much he loves them…

    did i miss something??

    did somebody die?

    is that nigga terminally sick???

    wtf he crying like a newborn baby for?

    westbrook was lookin at that nigga like, “fix ya skirt b, ya slip is showing”..

    OKC aint NEVER gonna get rings with that Pampers wearing nigga leading them…

    lebron is MVP anyway

    clippers in 6

  3. Sonny Moore Says:

    this nigga cried aon the bench in his mommas boobies after lebron beat him in the finals a couple years ago…

    when will this nigga grow up????

    he too tall to be eating in a highchair, and sucking on pacifiers

  4. S.I.K.H Says:


  5. King Yeezus Says:

    Heat vs Spurs Finals rematch

  6. Ghost Writer Says:

    Jada did kill this track tho…50 shouldn’t have let Kidd Kidd go last

  7. TS-LTE Says:

    King Yeezus
    4 hrs, 27 mins ago
    Heat vs Spurs Finals rematch


    Fuck Tim Duncan tho.

    Look like a big ass toddler.

  8. b Says:


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