Video: T.I. & Game vs. The LAPD

“Now who else wanna fuck with Hollywood Court?”

Last night outside Supperclub in Hollywood, a group of bouncers from the club beat the shit out of two dudes who were somehow affiliated with T.I. and Game’s entourage and the situation almost boiled over into an all out brawl with the LAPD. You can see the initial beatdown in the video clip below. According to TMZ, Tip and Game got wind of the fight and came outside to investigate, mistakenly under the impression that it was the cops that had beaten up their boys. As you can see in the clip above, Tip starts questioning the cops and the conversation quickly turns into a standoff, with his boys getting increasingly riled up and the cops pointing batons and shotguns in their direction. Then Game chimes in with his two cents and tensions rise even further. It seems like the situation was eventually diffused, but shit was about to get super real there for a minute.

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2 Responses to “Video: T.I. & Game vs. The LAPD”

  1. spirit equality Says:

    I hate bouncers more than almost any other group of people on Earth. Some of the most sadistic bastards on the planet become club bouncers or prison guards; those jobs are magnets for scumbags. I hope the guy in gray whose face is covered in blood sues the heck out of that club. The guy in the red who was repeatedly kicked too (he was even kicked a few times by the guy who tried to play peacemaker by yelling “stop” *after* the cameras started filming them). The bouncers should be sued individually as well. There is no way they can argue that kicking someone who is on the ground is part of their job duty of providing security.

  2. Eyewatch Protection Says:

    Clubs that hire guys cause of there size with no training end up with results like this. De-escalation is key, this level of force was unnecessary and those bouncers didn’t have anything or anyone under control!

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