Video Vault: Action Bronson Prepares 5 Delicious Dishes

Words by Daniel Isenberg (@Stanipcus)

Yesterday, VICE premiered the trailer for Action Bronson’s new food show on their Munchies channel, Fuck, That’s Delicious. For Bam Bam fans, it looks as though the series will feature the foodie antics we’ve come to know and love from the beloved Queens rap star, as he sits down for meals, does tastings, and interacts with a variety of humans during his tour travels around the world. There’s even a clip in the trailer of him being lured out of his vehicle to a roadside barbecue spot by the smell of rib smoke.

To build anticipation for Action’s new show, let’s take a look back at some of his most memorable moments in the kitchen that have been caught on video over the past few years. From early clips of him plating tuna during his 2010 series Action in the Kitchen to cooking up fried lamb brains at one of the finest restaurants in Milan, Italy, watch Bam Bam go to work below.

1. Seared Ahi Tuna (Action in the Kitchen)

Before he dropped his debut project Dr. Lecter and around the time his J-Love mixtape Bon Appetit…. Bitch!!!! first hit the streets, Bam Bam (sporting a significantly shorter beard) hosted Action in the Kitchen, a short-lived web series where he put his culinary arts on display, cheffing up beautiful dishes in a clean but rather gully city kitchen. There were only four episodes posted, and a teaser for a second season that never manifested, but each one is filled with jewels for foodies to gobble up. The most impressive (next to his onion slicing in Episode 1) just might be the presentation of his seared ahi tuna in Episode 4, and those looking to prepare something special for their significant other may also want to peep his spaghetti and shrimp dish which he refers to as “the panty dropper.”

2. Thanksgiving Sliders (At Home With: Action Bronson – FADER TV)

To excel as both a chef and a rapper, you need to be creative. And Bam Bam showed off his imaginative cooking mind for Fader TV live from his apartment back in 2011 by teaching us how to make his very own Thanksgiving sliders. From the cold mac & cheese to the room temperature corn beef to the hot turkey and fresh gravy prepared in a skillet, Bronsolino stacks his sliders high with flavor, using cornbread muffins as buns and two roasted marshmallows as his secret ingredients. “You could make a fucking soup, Rachael Ray, but you don’t want that. You want these things.” You’ve never seen Thanksgiving leftovers this tantalizing.

3. Zucchini Blossoms (OneTwoWatch – MySpace)

“I learned how to cook to get pussy, honestly,” Action admits in a backyard interview with MySpace’s OneTwoWatch, where he discusses his past as a chef and a rapper over a lengthy joint. This whole segment is classic, including when a supermarket employee threatens to kick him out of the store for using profanity. But the true highlight is his preparation of the zucchini blossoms—copped at the Union Square farmers market, fried crispy and stuffed with ricotta cheese, then covered in a tomato jam. His comment after the first bite? “That’s pretty fuckin’ good.” We bet.

4. Risotto and Fried Veal Brains (Action Bronson Meets Al Mercato – Noisey Meets)

During a tour stop in Milan in late 2012, Bronson paid a visit to Al Mercato, one of the Italian city’s most notable restaurants. And he didn’t sit and watch—he got in the kitchen with the chefs on duty to share techniques and stories while preparing a risotto dish and also some fried veal brains (“when I say ‘give me brain’ I don’t mean ‘suck my dick’”). And to show their love, the chefs serve Bronson one of the most immaculate cheeseburgers we’ve ever seen at their burger bar. Buon appetito!

5. Lamb Burger (VICE Eats)

Last summer, Bronson teamed up with Ray-Ban to hold down his own food truck at the annual Bushwick Block Party, where he also performed. And VICE Eats was on hand to cover the whole day. It’s a great segment, as Bam Bam puts on a show for the fans watching him from the front of the truck, throwing food into the crowd for onlookers to catch in their mouths. And he whips up a lamb burger behind the scenes, a personal creation which he recalls making at his father’s restaurant back in the day (“it would always be sold out, all the time”), taking us step-by-step through the seasoning and plating process. The juicy end result—”Oh man, it’s a squirter!”

*Bam Bam Bonus* The Bronson Burger!!!!! (Action in the Kitchen)

This is completely absurd. Peep Action’s “Bronson Burger” (aka “The Legion of Doom”) episode in full (it’s also highlighted in the video above) which features a ridiculous layer of ingredients, including a chicken cutlet! Unreal!

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