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Mixtape Memories with DJ Ron G

Today we have a very special edition of Mixtape Memories for you with the man and the myth, Harlem’s own DJ Ron G. A true pioneer of the mixtape format, the significance of Ron’s influence on the game can not be overstated. Recruiting rappers to record exclusive verses while other DJs schemed on leaks? Ron did that. Dropping R&B vocals over classic break beats? Ron started it. This man’s tapes were the hottest thing on the streets for years running, and countless hookie parties and park bench blunt cyphers were soundtracked by Ron G blends. That distinct drop rang out from tape decks and car stereos across the Tri-state area and inspired a whole generation of young selectors.

Ron told us how he had been inspired to learn the craft after witnessing DJ battles in Rucker Park and hearing Red Alert and Marley Marl breaking new ground on NYC radio during Rap’s infancy. He explained why he started producing blends and the low tech approach he took to creating them out of pure necessity. After making noise on the streets of NY, he eventually landed a radio gig and found himself working with some of the biggest names in Rap. His studio session with Tupac hours before the shooting at Quad Studios became legendary when Big L’s “Deadly Combination” dropped. From his physical confrontations with longtime friend Kid Capri, to being immortalized by Nas on Illmatic, Ron has enjoyed a long and colorful career and we grilled him on all of it.

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    good shit

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    Great piece. Brought back some good old memories.

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    dope shit…respect

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    I remember all them blends. It was a must have because if you didnt have you didnt have ish …Point blank..

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