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5 Things We Learned From This New Big Body Bes Interview

If you’re on this website, Action Bronson’s right hand man Big Body Bes should need no introduction. If for whatever reason you aren’t familiar, maybe you should just try stabbing yourself in the eye with a broken broomstick because you’re already a lost cause b. In my opinion, Bes is Rap’s reigning intro king and the best on-record shit talker to come out of New York City since the peak of the Curtis Jackson era. He doesn’t Rap or carry weed, but he’s an integral part of Bronson’s team and a born street celebrity. Bes recently came home from an extended stay with the State of New York’s Department of Corrections and Complex caught up with him to see where his mind is at. Here are a couple of facts gleaned from the Q&A.

1. The role he plays in Bronson’s camp:

I hold it down regardless. I’m not no security guard. I’m not no bouncer but I do that automatically. I’m on the front line, you understand? That goes without saying. I don’t have a title. I’m not a hype man; I come out and do my thing.

2.  He Has a mixtape coming out, tentatively titled Body Language:

We got Body Language coming out. We got Alchemist on there, I’m gonna have Harry Fraud, Alchemist, and Party Supplies, too. And I’m all about my man Action’s album. When I tell you my hook game is crazy, my hook game is crazy!

3. He met Action Bronson through Meyhem Lauren’s pops on some jail shit:

I’m 15 years old [and] I came home. I was in the juvenile facility upstate, I was doing time upstate when I was 13. So I came home, 15 years old, boom. I came home I had parole or whatever, I met up to see Mey, boom, I knew Mey’s pops. I came in through Mey, Mey introduced me, who knew Action. This was back in the day, man, 15 years old.

4. Why they call him Big Body:

I used to go by Bes but Big Body, that came from my man that resided in East New York. My man used to call me Big Body because I was a young dude but I was always a big dude. Plus I used to always push the big body whips, do big body things, so they were like fuck it. Plus I always had an appetite. You could see me at three in the morning eating steak in the street. Just leaning over a fucking livery cab eating a whole meal spread, having a whole picnic on top of a fucking ’98 Lincoln.

5. How Bronson finally got him out of prison:

That man came to bail me out. They had me over there for four, five months with no bail. They had a hold on me in Connecticut on some crazy conspiracy charges. Finally got bail like two weeks ago, ya man came in the next 24 hours. As soon as the lawyer called him—boom, he gave him 50 cash. $50,000 cash no problem, boom.

Read the full interview here.

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