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Raekwon Not Happy with RZA, on Strike From Wu-Tang

If you’re anticipating a new Wu-Tang album with appearances from the entire Clan, you might not want to hold your breath. Internal static between the original members has been an ongoing storyline for some time now, but Raekwon made his feelings abundantly clear in an interview with Rolling Stone that was published today. The gist of it is: Rae is not happy with RZA at all. He’s not happy with where RZA is going with the album creatively (wherever that may be), and he’s not happy with his contract situation.

On him and RZA’s creative differences:

My thing is, yeah, he’s right, we’re on different pages when it comes to being creative because RZA, you’re not in the field no more. I’m still paying attention to what’s going on and an amazing group that’s got so much potential to be bigger than what they are if they just focus and come out with great music. On “Keep Watch,” you put this new young kid on there who nobody knows who he is – and I’m not taking shots at the kid – but I don’t even know who he is. That song is something that the crew didn’t have knowledge of, from what I’m being told. Dudes ain’t feeling good about it.

Yeah, he really, really doesn’t like “Keep Watch”

I hate it. I hate it. I don’t hate shit, but I hate that fuckin’ record. It ain’t the gunpowder that my brothers are spitting; it’s the production. And I ain’t shitting on the producer because he’s one of our soldiers. But if it ain’t where it need to be… It’s 20 years later. We talkin ’bout a whole new generation is sitting here representin’ and making fiery shit and you telling me that we comin out with some mediocre shit? That ain’t part of our plan.

And he feels like his money has to be right before he starts working, and according to him, it isn’t:

In order for Chef to work, the Chef contract has to be correct. It has to be a situation where I can say, “You know what? This is the best situation for me and my family.” That’s who I work for. I work for my family.

Later during the Q&A he explains that he doesn’t feel like RZA is in touch with what’s going on in the streets and explains that he feels like they should be bringing in 3rd party producers to work on the album. He goes on to say that even though he still has love and respect for RZA, as of now, he’s on strike from the Wu. Read the full interview here.

It should be noted that the album Rae is referring to is A Better Tomorrow, not Once Upon a Time in Shaolin, the one-off project that RZA plans to take on a world tour before selling for “millions”.

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  1. ppp Says:

    Rae is 100% on point, shit, let Harry Fraud, Alchemist and some other guys take a crack at the album…

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