Styles P Addressed The Alleged Aaliyah Diss

This past weekend, the guys over at the Coli message board reignited one of Rap’s most persistent conspiracy theories: that Styles dissed Aaliyah with a particularly nasty line back during the D-Block/Roc-A-Fella conflict.

Supposedly, the diss went something like this:

“Rock the boat rock the boat/That’s one less bitch in a Roc-A-Wear coat”

For years, people have been swearing up and down that they had heard the verse with their own ears at one time or another, but nobody has ever been able to produce any audio. That is, until this past week when a Coli member produced an extremly low quality rip that was purported to be audio of SP spitting the line during a live performance. But if you read through the rest of the Coli thread, you’d see that another member had later commented that he and his boy created the audio themselves as a prank 10 years ago:

ok, so everyone who has ever claimed to have heard this song or any variation of it other than what i posted here is full of shyt because it never exsisted. how do I know? I started the muthafukking rumor over 10 years ago. Thats right. the same song you here in this thread is the same song I personally posted on the roc-a-fella and the ruff ryders fan forums back in the days. me and my friend did the shyt initially to piss off some roc-a-fella fans. i did the voice of both jada and styles and my friend mixed it to sound authentic. we used three different crowds, not looped but chopped and layered over each other. we was suprised they actually thought it was real but we took it down not long after we put it up. we had it hosted on a webpage so folks could listen but not download, it could have been geocities or something. my homie handled that part. so yeah after we took it down we saw all these posts about the song pop up on other forums and we used to laugh our asses off. we watched as it changed from what it was to somehow being over “jigga my nikka” (which is at least another swizz beat), to being a dj clue exclusive over “jigga that nikka” on a mixtape that was only available on casette. people started quoting it and changing up the lyrics and shyt. but its not real. none of it. styles never dissed aaliyah. you know how every rumor has an origin, well this is how this one started. it was a joke that people took for real and just kept growing. i watched this shyt unfold and yeah i felt kinda bad about it but people insisted that they heard it

While that scenario is certainly plausible, a random comment from somebody on a Rap forum is hardly enough to knock down a decade old rumor. So, as is the case with any good internet based conspiracy theory, there were still some folks who refused to accept that Styles never spit this line and continued to insist that they had heard it themselves at one point or another. Luckily for everybody, Styles had a Reddit AMA scheduled for yesterday afternoon and what better place to address a long running net rumor right?

And so he was asked about it, and hopefully his response will finally put this oddly persistent rumor to bed once and for all:

I say play it for me! and then after you play it for me you tell me if that’s me.

I said alot of offensive shit over the years and if I offended anybody I apologize. and how much of the shit that i’ve put out isn’t available? that’s what I would ask you.

I was sitting there with SP as he was answering this question, and so I pulled up the audio and played it for him, and after we all had a good laugh, he further replied:

i just heard it and all i have to say to that is, when did I ever have that flow? when was I ever wack?

So I guess that’s that. ¬†Of course, this being the internet, I completely expect somebody to have a fully fleshed out counter-conspiracy drafted before the week is out.

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4 Responses to “Styles P Addressed The Alleged Aaliyah Diss”

  1. poppaheens Says:

    ok but lox did diss her on that jigga diss over the swizz instrumental….

    “ya’ll niggas keep fuckin with ‘Kiss,
    I’ll see to it you visit your man’s bitch,
    So you can find out if the gate’s is pearly,
    Bang Bang, D-Block gang, nigga, EARLY”

    -Jadakiss, “White Label Freestyle”

  2. eskay Says:

    I believe the line is:

    “This is a man’s world, keep fucking with Kiss, I’ll see it to it that you visit your man’s girl”

    So yeah, Kiss definitely said that, but I don’t interpret that line as a shot at Aaliyah and it’s not nearly as offensive as the alleged SP line was.

  3. Spirit Equality Says:

    That was a non denial denial. If someone imitated me saying some foul shit, I would directly deny it was me and would be looking to find whoever made it. I remember hearing the audio to that as well. Surprised no one asked him about it back then. Ask Dame what he thinks about it…

  4. gnobbz Says:

    Its real, Ill post it here soon….give me a few minute to fire up my drive

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