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Report: Kanye Rescheduling Australian Tour to Work on New Album

According to a report by the The Sydney Morning Herald based on a statement issued to Live Nation Australia, Kanye is pushing a bunch of Australian tour dates back from May to September to instead work on a new album. It seems kind of odd that we’d get this news from a third party via a statement about a tour delay, but that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s not true. Although, it also seems odd that Kanye would even give such a detailed reason for delaying tour dates when he could’ve just blamed it on his elaborate stage setup like he has in the past.

Again, that doesn’t mean it’s not true. We know Yeezus originally had 16 tracks, but Rick Rubin convinced him to chop it down to 10. There were some rumors of a possible sequel to the album, but I’ve never thought that was a play Kanye would make. Not that I don’t think he would release those songs, I just imagine that they would arrive as Good Friday type leaks rather than as an album. Back in November he said he hadn’t decided on a name for his next album yet, but he had some ideas. He told a crowd at Art Basel in December that his next project would be just 8 songs. And then this was supposed to happen. So really, who the hell knows. Kanye is gonna do what he’s gonna do and we’ll know what we’re supposed to know when he decides to tell us.

Noisey has a round-up of all of the hints.

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