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Video: Nas and Michael Eric Dyson In Conversation at Georgetown

Nas and professor Michael Eric Dyson sat down for an in-depth conversation about Illmatic and its impact on the landscape of Rap over the past 20 years, the state of Hip-Hop today and much more. The talk was moderated by professor James Peterson of Lehigh University.

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4 Responses to “Video: Nas and Michael Eric Dyson In Conversation at Georgetown”

  1. junMaf*ckn Says:

    Must See TV.

    Nas Is The GOAT. Undisputed.

  2. Ayo Says:

    I aint forget about you danny ocean. So what now? You said to get passed b and I did. Take a slice of your portion and you get a piece of my profit. Ok. Whatever. You not gonna let your feelings get in the way of business, right?

  3. spirit equality Says:

    I was there. It wasn’t really an “in=depth” conversation. Nas got asked a bunch of softball questions. Nothing deep at all. Dyson said some kind of cool stuff at the end about people being encouraged to follow their dreams (or something like that). Someone in the audience reminded Nas that he was doing investments in tech start-ups. Nas said something about working with tech start-ups to teach kids computer programming (should be teaching them how to create tech companies, though). Nothing really insightful about Illmatic was discussed. It was a disappointment to me, overall.

  4. The Cosmos Says:


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