14 Artists Promote Their 1994 Album Releases on Yo! MTV Raps

These days when a rapper wants to promote their new album, they might hit up half a dozen media outlets in an afternoon, but back in 1994 the options were much more limited. Yo! MTV Raps was by far the most important though, particularly from the perspective of young fans starving for coverage of a genre that was still very much on the fringes of the mainstream.

In 2014, you can sit at your desk or pull out your phone and catch a real time stream of RapFix Live from wherever you may happen to be. But back in 1994 you were rushing home from school or fiddling with your VCR timer to be sure you didn’t miss that day’s special guest on Yo! As part of our ongoing retrospective coverage of the amazing year of music that was 1994, we pulled together a bunch of classic clips showcasing a wide array of artists doing promotional appearances for their new releases on MTV’s iconic show.

Many of the albums these guys were promoting would go on to be considered some of the greatest Rap albums ever recorded, and that’s a testament to the commitment to artistry displayed by individuals and groups like Redman, Gangstarr, Outkast, Pete Rock & CL Smooth, Common (Sense), MC Eiht and Nas among others.

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