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XV – Sweet Sixteens (Mixtape)

01 The Bait (Bait)
02 Instagrammin’ Pictures (Luv Dem Strippers)
03 Hippie (DJ Richy Exclusive)
04 Dreams, Places & Faces (Never Been)
05 U Happy? (Happy)
06 The Learning Tree (Sing About Me)
07 One Gang (1 Train)
08 Watch Us (Hovi Baby)
09 Real I Am (Way I Am)
10 Another Illusion (Sky’s The Limit)
11 It Can Go Down (Send It Up)
12 Round Me (Pound Cake)
13 Everything Go (G’d Up)
14 All About Me (All About U)
15 Big (Villuminati)
16 L00K (Lookin’ Ass Nigga)

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2 Responses to “XV – Sweet Sixteens (Mixtape)”

  1. Oz Says:

    how can xv complain about originality and “the same shit” and put out songs over reused beats?

  2. dashing Says:

    Agreed. Was hoping to hear something original on here, but didn’t hear it. Also, you can’t got on old beats and not kill it crazy. Like “The Way I Am” you gotta bring something interesting with the flow or something. Disappointing.

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