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50 Cent on Collaborating with Jadakiss & Styles P

Speaking to Complex at SXSW, Curtis talks about how he ended up collaborating with Jadakiss and Styles P on two new records. He also comments on their past beef and why he felt the need to go at them after Kiss collaborated with Ja Rule on “New York”.

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“It ain’t never over. It you watch, artists kinda have momentum for a moment…and then you let ’em run out of gas”

Word. That kinda sounds like what Rick Ross did to you Fif. ZING!

In any event, never ever forget Kiss and SP referring to 50 as “her” and “she” for an entire song.

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5 Responses to “50 Cent on Collaborating with Jadakiss & Styles P”

  1. DJ 1Mic Says:

    p and kiss just like cut that check fif

  2. Chitown Says:

    Eskay you act like Rick Ross Movin units and making mad money

    Fif still did more then Ross ever did and still got more money

    O and makes better music

    Fkin Hater Eskay just get over it with whatever 50 did to you,cuz you sound like a bitter ex girlfriend who has to say something negative about there past Ex….

    (this comment wont be posted I bet)

  3. tre Says:

    Nah Ross is definitely getting his tbh

    Quite frankly Ross been more relevant than 50 for a minute

  4. King Yeezus Says:

    So niggas going to act like Rawse ain’t got movement and one of the hottest labels out right now

    Rawse been consistent since 2008 and is still running shit

    A real Geechi nigga

  5. Strongchef Says:

    Ross BEEN better than 50. No debate

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