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Mixtape Memories: 5 Classic JR Writer Hot 97 Freestyles

Words by Daniel Isenberg (@StanIpcus)

JR Writer been nice. If you’re familiar with The Diplomats’ early 2000s run, you already know though. Dude stepped in as the newest edition of the all-star Harlem crew and made his presence extremely felt next to Cam’ron, Juelz Santana, and Jim Jones with endless bars of poisonous piff, all equipped with extra swag and powerful punchlines. And though his ties to the Dips have been somewhat severed since their glory days together, and his buzz isn’t exactly what it used to be, one thing never changed—JR’s ability to spit bars. ICYMI, he’s already dropped two projects this year.

Unfortunately, JR Writer is currently locked up for a crime he told Hot 97’s Peter Rosenberg earlier this week (right before he went in to start his bid) he “100% had nothing to do with.” So to keep the good vibes pumping his way, we put together a short-list of 5 Classic JR Writer Hot 97 Freestyles from back in the day for our latest Mixtape Memories feature. When these recordings first hit the streets??! Crazy.

Hold your head, JR.

1. The Diplomats ft. JR Writer “Hot 97 Freestyle” (off DJ Kay Slay’s The Regulator Pt. 3)

“Ayo, this my new man JR Writer. New York, embrace him. Let’s do it my nigga.” Yup, King Jaffe Joe gave JR the perfect introduction during this DipSet on-air takeover of Hot 97, and he stepped up and represented with nothing but bars over the “I Really Mean It” instrumental. Turns out this two and a half minute verse was really just light work for Writer, though. But he definitely made a name for himself off this appearance, which would lead to many more prominent features on mixtapes, and of course more trips to Hot 97 to catch bodies. Enjoy JR’s verse and also the full session via Kay Slay’s The Regulator Pt. 3 mixtape below.

Verse Only

Full Session


2. JR Writer “6 Minute Freestyle” (off Diplomats Vol. 5)

If you weren’t sure about JR Writer by the time this on-air freestyle dropped on Diplomats Vol. 5, well then this one probably made you a believer. JR goes for six minutes straight over the “What Up Gangsta” beat, rapping his ass off with his cool, collected style, like, “I could show you how to bake it up on the Foreman, and stretch like you just wakin’ up in the morning,” and, “a movement of killers, plus wolves and gorillas, that’ll run up on you and remove your chinchillas,” to which Cam can only respond to by saying, “No one’s messing with us, B.” Harlem stand up.


3. JR Writer “Hot 97 Freestyle” (off Writer’s Block Part 1)

It wasn’t long before JR Writer put out a mixtape of his own to show that he had enough rhymes to hold it down dolo for a whole project. And he came correct with Writer’s Block Part 1, which featured him rhyming over both industry beats and original production. And it also featured another Hot 97 freestyle via Bobby Trends, where he got busy with an ill flow over Biggie’s “Who Shot Ya” instrumental that featured crazy lines like, “When I rap it goes to show Magic Johnson ain’t the only sick nigga living.” Damn.


4. JR Writer “9 Minute Freestyle” (off Writer’s Block Volume 2)

As if six minutes straight wasn’t already enough, JR went in this round for nine minutes with Funkmaster Flex, exhausting his man Killa’s Kanye West-produced “Down and Out” beat and then continuing straight acapella with “no water breaks.” And for those that missed it on the radio, he threw it on Volume 2 of his Writer’s Block mixtape series. There’s a reason why Cam says, “Go get who you wanna get, I got my house on him.” The Writer of Writers was a problem.


5. JR Writer ft. Cam’ron “He’s a Rider” (off Big Mike’s The Big Boy Game 9)

Being the trendsetter that he is, Cam’ron hit Hot 97 once again, this time with his mans JR Writer and Hell Rell, to take the on-air rhyme cyphers to another level by performing songs live on the spot. And he lets his comp know, “If you come up here and do this, you’re biting.” The highlight of the twenty minute session for Writer, which Big Mike featured on his The Big Boy Game 9 tape, was “He’s a Rider” with Cam providing the chorus. Can we get the studio version of this some day fellas? Shit is flames. You can peep the session in full here which also includes an ill intro by Cam with JR on the hook, and the individual live freestyle songs below from the rest of the recording that were liberated by Big Mike.

“He’s a Rider”

“Begger For Mercy”

“We Hate Them”

“Get Wit the Set”

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