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Kanye Cuts Deal in Paparazzi Assault Case

Kanye cut a deal with L.A. prosecutors today that will see him serving 24 months of probation and completing 250 hours of community service as punishment for his “assault” of a photographer at LAX airport back in July of last year. Ye will also have to complete 24 sessions of anger management therapy as ordered by the court. The deal he reached with the D.A. hinges on a no contest plea to the charge of misdemeanor battery, which means that he isn’t technically admitting that he was guilty of attacking photographer Daniel Ramos. CBS News is reporting that he was also sentenced to 1 day in jail, although that is largely symbolic and he is expected to be booked and released immediately.

Kanye still has to face a civil suit filed against him by Ramos.

UPDATED: TMZ says Kanye is fulfilling his community service by speaking at a fashion school.


Must be nice.

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