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Mixtape Memories with DJ SNS

When we talk about Golden Era mixtape DJs, a few names always seem to dominate the conversation: Kid Capri, Ron G, DJ Clue. But what about DJ SNS? Back in the early 90’s you couldn’t walk down a street in NYC without hearing an SNS drop blaring from a car speaker or portable radio. He had the exclusives game on lockdown years before Clue’s eventual reign and his releases were some of most sought after tapes of the day. In those days DJ drops and shoutouts weren’t something you simply tolerated; love them or hate them, they were an integral part of the music consumption experience. And believe me, you knew an SNS tape when you heard it playing!

For our latest installment of Mixtape Memories we caught up with SNS to talk about how he got his start in the tape game, the master tape hustle of the era and of course his infamous drops. He also told us some amazing stories about some of the stunts he’d have to pull to get exclusives from the likes of Biggie and Nas, beefs with Naughty by Nature and Ma$e that almost got crazy and the time he came up on a tape full of Death Row exclusives while picking up some food. There’s some incredible history here and it’s our pleasure to document it, so enjoy:

Click here to read Mixtape Memories with DJ SNS

Image via The DJ SNS Instagram

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3 Responses to “Mixtape Memories with DJ SNS”

  1. a Says:

    Thanks. Do you happen to have ‘get your swerve on 95’ or ‘old school volume 1’ at all?

  2. scjoha Says:

    Fucking great! I love these Mixtape Memories pieces. Excellentwork, Mr. Ipcus. Loved your features on Complex, it’s great to see you going even deeper with them on nahright! This is how it needs to be done, talking to these legends before they are gone. And it’s necessary for a guy like S&S, who was just as great and important as a Clue or Kay Slay, but compared to these two is being overlooked and even forgotten by most.

  3. serjrock Says:

    Somethin For That Ass Pt. II was my shit! with the Bishop from Juice quote at the beginning?? Fire!

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