Memphis Bleek on How He Started the Jay-Z/Nas Beef

Bleek explains how he accidentally started the Jay-Z/Nas beef by sending shots at Nas on “Mind Right” after someone mistakenly told him that Nas had dissed him on a Clue tape. Those shots then prompted a response from Nas on the “Stillmatic” freestyle which lead to “Takeover” and so on and so forth. Also, co-sign everything they said about “Ether” being overrated.

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4 Responses to “Memphis Bleek on How He Started the Jay-Z/Nas Beef”

  1. DW Says:

    Ether Overrated? Still a chump eskay. It’s Memphis Bleek here right? SMH at both of you.

  2. rande3p Says:

    overrated? that’s a wack opinion … ETHER all day

  3. JD Says:

    Nas should’ve kept that Pun line in there, some facts are too hard I guess

  4. Marlo Brando Says:

    Vladimir is a herb.

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