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The LOX – New York City

New music from SP, Kiss and Louch.

Previously: The LOX Announce The Trinity Tour

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7 Responses to “The LOX – New York City”

  1. junMaf*ckn Says:

    You Think Big U Get Big Champagne N Moet
    U Ca Party Till U Sweat The Moneys Yours To Get
    Cash In Abundance Grab Stacks Full A Hunneds
    One Thousand For The Gators Hard Stares For The Traitors

  2. lroy Says:

    Real recognize real

  3. $wiZzy L Dot Says:

    Yo I Can’t Wait To See L.O.X on The 14th of March @ Club ENVY IN
    ELIZABETH, NJ My G-Homie Celebrating His C-day There I’m Huge Lox/Dblock Fan I Hope They Perform “Life Shit” 1996 unreleased Track from djClue Mix tape// & also “Other then That” from therr Glory debut mix-tape album (2011)& “Own Republican” ft.genovese (1998) #Peaace To Da GODS that been doin it since I grew up off wu-tang & Lox…#Peace GODS

  4. BobbyOmega Says:

    Lox is back!!

  5. lroy Says:

    Real recognize real keep doing your am listen yall seens a young boy

  6. Leonard johanesen Says:

    Thank goodness there still some real rappers out there

  7. Terray Rawles Says:

    When need more I’m a jersey nigga but im down here in Florida and
    It’s hard to hear new Shit by some real N.Y. nigga

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