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KiD CuDI on Surprise Release of Satellite Flight

CuDi spoke to Joe LaPuma from Complex about his (lack of a) roll-out strategy for Satellite Flight, which he dropped the other night without any notice.

Here he speaks on how Beyonce’s game changing release gave him the confidence to try it himself:

…watching Beyoncé drop definitely gave me the confidence and let me know that it could be executed. Like, “Oh yes! someone was the guinea pig and it worked.” Perfect, now I can try. It’s a beautiful thing that it worked for me because I am not Beyoncé. Maybe in my wildest dreams on my prettiest day. [Laughs.] But I don’t have her legendary-ness, like her fucking amazing abilities and her fans and the millions of people that follow her. So to see that it was able to work for someone like me… who still considers himself an underground, indie artist, is dope.

Read the full piece here. He also speaks on giving up alcohol, why his raps these days are few and far between, his contribution to Kanye’s “Guilt Trip” and much more.

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