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PIC: Nas x Cam’ron

Cam just posted this pic on his Instagram simply with the caption:

“#QB #HARLEM #UwasntThere”

Hopefully this means there’ll be some music on the way. Even if there isn’t, there’s like decades of history behind this.

UPDATED: Miss Info has the backstory on the pic. Apparently Nas and Cam ended up on the same flight from Vegas to NY:

According to my source, Nas and Cam saw each other, got to talking without any awkwardness or old tension. The photo wasn’t forced. Respect all around. And the best part, there was even talk of future collaboration.
Maybe that was just polite lip service but maybe, if we’re lucky, there will be a Killa x Godson Dipset x Bravehearts song someday.

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2 Responses to “PIC: Nas x Cam’ron”

  1. spirit equality Says:

    I don’t want to hear a Nas/Cam song.

    Good that they’re cool with one another as two entrepreneurial black men, but I don’t want to hear a 2014 Nas/Cam song.

    What I do want is a Nas/Primo album.

  2. spirit equality Says:

    ps: Shame on that dude who popped up in the middle of that flick on some photo-bombing s–t. LOL.

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