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Action Bronson on The Champs Podcast

Bronson sits down for a lengthy conversation with comedians Neal Brennan and Moshe Kasher for The Champs podcast. He touches on a wide range of topics including his aversion to wearing pants, the infamous McDonald’s on West 4th Street, how he’s become the defacto “dab guy” in Rap, his childhood in Queens, his introduction to cooking and much more.

At one point he explains his dissatisfaction with the Saaab Stories EP and the way it was handled by Atlantic, plus the general lack of a clue in the major label system. So no surprises there.

Here’s a fun fact: He pays his rent off the monthly iTunes sales from Bon Appetit…Bitch! and still makes 6k a month from sales of Dr. Lecter.

Continue below for a few choice quotes.

“It feels fucking amazing to slam a midget

“If you look at who responded to “Control”, it’s embarrassing”

“I can’t relate to the shit [music] that goes on nowadays, it’s not for me”

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